Stryker has been behind the camera for over 25 years. At an early age, their parents noticed a talent with a camera. They encouraged them to take photos and be proud of what they do. Now, Stryker is proud to say they're a photographer. Learning new things every day, they're always striving to improve. Stryker is the mother of 4  beautiful children and 4 awesome step kids (you read that right, we have EIGHT children total). Finding and following their heart has transformed Stryker in recent years, allowing their compassion, drive, confidence, and inner beauty to shine. We like to think that years of contributing to their boudoir client's growth in their own confidence was the catalyst for Stryker's own evolution. 


Hillary has been behind the camera since 2001. Starting out at 19 years old in a corporate mall portrait studio, they got their first Mamiya camera in their hands and fell immediately in love. They're the mad scientist of our duo, always calculating light ratios in their head and exclaiming "That one was perfect, we can go home now!!" before taking 75 more frames! Hillary is the proud parent of 4 kids and 4 step kids, and they strive to be the best step dad they can, drawing from the experience of their own step dad who showed them acceptance and unconditional love since the age of 12. 


After following each other's work online for years, Hillary and Stryker met at Smiling Acres Music Festival (Trufant, MI) in 2021. What both thought was just two driven artists meeting for coffee the following week turned out to be a first date, and in 2023 they decided to combine their strengths into one unstoppable portrait photography business. Stryker's light chasing prowess is perfectly complemented by Hillary's mad light scientist vibe, and shoots with Triptychs Photography have a strong thread of collaboration where ideas bounce back and forth between us and our clients!

On that fateful first "Is this a date?" Stryker told Hillary something that she'd been saying to clients for years, echoing her own drive for boudoir portraiture in particular:

                    "I just want to show my clients what everyone else sees when we look at them."

Realizing we both held the same goal to hold a mirror up to the inner beauty of our clients, we knew even then that this partnership would grow to inspire people to be authentic and allow themselves to witness their own beauty.